Thursday, December 23, 2010

Is She a Normal Child?

She's not a normal child. Or, is she? Can somebody understand her?

Her parents had all the money to buy the toys. But she never played with them. She was expressionless most of the times and didn't react much when people speak to her. When she joined the kindergarten, her teacher and the fellow kids thought she was deaf and dumb. But people soon found that she was more intelligent than many other adults. She read books and spoke like an adult (if at all she spoke!). Why is she like that? 

She never got much attention from her parents - the busy business man and the ambitious journalist. It was the grandma who looked after her till the age of 4, after which she liked to be away from Grandma as well. Her parents would hardly speak to her. By the time they were back home, she would be locked inside her room. Her mom was very upset why she wasn't like any other child - when the mom expressed her concern, the kid would simply end the conversation saying "Don't worry, I am well taken care of!". Of course, she doesn't speak to her dad or the servants. Does she talk to anyone at all?

The answers were revealed on the Christmas eve of 1995.  Like every other year, the house was well decorated for the Christmas party. No wonder there were many friends for the business man and the journalist. Everyone was having fun while the girl was missing. In the evening, mom saw her when she was dressed in a white gown like an angel. As usual, the girl didn't utter a word in spite of mom's continuous chatter.

Nobody felt she was missing as it was not unusual for people to miss her presence. It was when the dog brought the girl's watch from God knows where. Mom went berserk with grief - She searched all through the house but in vain. Slowly the news reached the ears of everyone in the party. 100 suggestions and 100 comments from all the directions!

The dad was deeply contemplating on calling up his friends for help. There came the ring!

The man on the other side, "Hello. I am Dr. John from 13th Avenue. Is there someone unwell at home?"

Dad felt like hanging up saying it was wrong number but he continued "I don't get you!"

"Hmm.. there is this little girl at my home asking me to visit her home..  to check her elder brother," the doctor revealed.

Intrigued, dad asked "Is the girl approx. 5 years old? Is she wearing white gown? But you see, I have only one child! She does NOT have any siblings!"

"Er, I don't know about siblings. But she looks like a 5 year girl... yeah, she's in white gown!"

Dad and mom rushes to the hospital in their Benz. She was forcibly brought back home.

The girl was very upset that her parents didn't care about her brother as well. He was supposedly lying in her room with high fever. He was the world to her! The caring brother visible only to the little girl!