Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010: Kollywood Top 10

138! That's the number of Tamil movies released in 2010! (It's the highest in the recent years: 111 in 2007, 117 in 2008, 130 in 2009 - A Steady growth indeed!)

It was an eventful year for Tamil Cinema. A 'thalaivar' movie made the entire nation turn Robo-maniac! Few movies reiterated 'a good story can be the real hero' (E.g. Mynaa, Angaadi Theru, Vamsam). On the other hand, light comedies without strong story lines were well received as well (E.g. Boss, Goa, Tamil Padam etc). As usual, some movies with good star performance couldn't do well in box-office (esp. Raavanan, Ratha Charithram). While the old age heroes (Rajini & Kamal) did their part well, the new age heroes (read Vijay & Ajit) terribly disappointed their fans. A good year for the Sivakumar sons!

Here is my listing of top 10 movies:

  • 10. Naan Mahaan Alla: The second half just pulled it down to 10th spot. The good performance by Kaarthi and the interesting theme made the film escape with a spot in top 10.
  • 9. Paiyaa: Screenplay was the hero. Decent performance by actors with some beautiful songs helped the movie. Lingusamy (my university alum!) didn't disappoint audience like he did with Bheema!
  • 8. Raktha SarithiramBrilliant performance by Surya. But just the replica of the first part in Hindi. Somehow the movie couldn't gel well.
  • 7. Manmadhan AmbuWe expected much more from the Kamal, KSR combo. Nevertheless it wasn't bad. Watchable once!
  • 6. Raavanan: Oh, this is the third movie with a killer combo (Maniratnam & Vikram)  but bombed in box office. Made it to top 10 thanks to good performance and excellent cinematography.
  • 5. Thamizh Padam: An awesome entertainer by the debutant director Amudhan. Completely refreshing.. Every time you watch it!
  • 4. Boss Engira Bhaskaran: "Nanban da" - watta tag line! No story, No tears, No logic! Just did the magic of making everyone in the theater laugh! 
  • 3. Singam: Can easily be rated the best masala movie of the year, with all ingredients of a full-fledged entertainer. Superb performance by Surya as well! Full Paisa Vasool!
  • 2. Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya: The best romantic movie of the year. Technically superior movie with brilliant performance and the interesting screenplay made it almost to the top slot.
  • 1. Enthiran: Whatever said and done, it's a Rajni movie. The Numero Uno has to none other than the thalaivar. Not to forget the effort from technicians, quality animations in tamil cinema, the buzz it created and the budget!

The following 5 movies may very well could have been the top 10 but I couldn't watch them fully:

  • Madrasapattinam
  • Mynaa
  • Nandalala
  • Angaadi Theru
  • Goa
Another 5 deserve a special mention for being the most hilarious movies of the year (!!?!!)
  • Virudhagiri
  • Sura
  • Aasal
  • Kutty
  • Jaggubhai
Looking forward for an entertaining 2011!