Sunday, August 29, 2010


Welcome back!

Kalladi: Tamil equivalent for "Hit with Stones". I know it rhymes with some names!

The GAMES with all its WEALTH derived from COMMON people, are being played by the colossal corrupt officials. Our politicians are breaking the record in every field - telecom, mining, and now games! Much has been shown in media, debated in news papers - we are simply appalled by the magnitude of the corruption.

The corrupt politicians are afraid of CBI / police, Court & trials, media, opposition party - everything except COMMON man! Because the politicans know that we are true followers of Gandhiji - forgiveness and tolerance (Tolerant to the level of appointing the same minister so that the remaining national spectrum allocation shouldn't be left uncorrupted!) and most importantly indifference. Had Gandhiji been here today, he would have belted all of us for our tolerance and indifference.

Getting back to the games: what should be the way ahead for us, the COMMON people? One way is putting all these controversies at the back-burner and focus on getting the game running - after all, 'It's a matter of National Pride'. Or, teach these politicians a lesson by revolting the game in every way possible as it has been well captured by Chetan Bhagat here.

Agree with Chetan Bhai - Revolt the game! In addition to that, KALLADI - Stone them wherever you see them! There should be nation wide protest against these corrupt politicians - We should bring such a disgrace to them that they should never be able to contest in any election. In fact, they should never be able to get out of their new home i.e. the jail.