Sunday, October 25, 2009

After all, spams aren't bad always!


Here are some ideas to escape, when you are being asked for Status update by your boss..

  • Psychological plays: Exploit the weaknesses of your boss. Few samples of HIS weaknesses..
    • Forgetfulness? Tell it's the same status as 5 mins before - Let him lose his hair trying to figure out the last status.
    • Laziness? Tell you need his feedback on the last update sent. He would never ask where's the status again.
    • Micro-management? Preempt him by giving status updates as frequently as possible. Micro managers are typically interested in the quantum of updates than quality.
    • Perfectionism? Convince him that quality work needs longer time to get updates.
  • Technological plays
    • Use the technical ignorance of your boss - Say that the status has been updated in the never-heard-before module of frequently-heard utilities like SAP, BI, SalesForce, SharePoint etc. Your boss will frequently talk about them but never understands the head or tail of using them.
    • Rely on the unreliable. Spam is one. Windows. Hardware. Software. Mobile phones. There are lots to help you!
  • Frivolous plays
    • Take Boss's diversion OUT: What's your boss interested in? Katrina Kaif? RajniKant? Big Boss? F1? EPL? Sensex? Real Estate?.. There should be few things that excites him more than the appreciation of your boss's boss.
    • Keep your diversion IN:  "Look" serious at work - It can be GTalk, Facebook, Y! Games or an online Sudoku. After all, status updates are an unproductive usage of one's time!